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Internet Explorer 8 je najnovija verzija IE-a i ja sam vam ovdje stavio download ko hoće da ga skine.

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File Name: IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe
Version: 8.0
Date Published: 8/27/2008
Language: English
Download Size: 15.9 MB
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 2 min 

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Service Pack 3

Ovo je novi pack za Windows XP PRO, Home. · Download Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 SP3 Build 3264 RC1 - USA



Norton 2007

Ovo je Profesionalni Anti Virus kojeg danas malo ljudi koristi zato sto je skup.Ja sam vam dao licencu koja ga otkljucava na 200 ili vise dana.evo download i licenca.

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Programi za skidanje

Magic DVD Ripper Magic DVD Ripper
Magic DVD Ripper is a software application designed for copying a DVD to the hardware or to another DVD in a practical and simple way thanks to a convenient interface.It gives you the possibility apart from exceeding the anti-copying of the original DVDs. It also allows you to record the data that you suggest on a CD.A very important tool of copy of DVD in an efficient way.Ultimate Modifications:You...
PDFCreator PDFCreator
PDFCreator enables us to create PDF files for free from any application, for example, Word pad, Word, Excel and more.It works as a printer, so any program with a printing option will give the possibility to create PDF files fast and efficiently.You have to execute the "print" command from the current application and select "PDFCreator", as simple as that.
Nero WMA Plug-in Nero WMA Plug-in
Nero WMA Plug-in is a Nero Burning Rom complement, that is added to the application and it offers support to decode WMA files. This practical complement is one of the best CD and DVD recording tools; it offers the possibility of converting all your MP3 files to audio CD in a simple and efficient way, implementing if you like different filters in the audio files before recording them definitely....
WinRar WinRar
WinRar is one of the best and most widely used compressors in the whole world. Its simplicity and power has made WinRar an excellent tool.This utility enables you to reduce space occupied by files in the hard disk, compressing their size, and grouping them in a unique file if you want, being a very attractive option when you have to transfer data and send it by e-mail. Its interface is simple...
TuneUp Utilities TuneUp Utilities
TuneUp Utilities is a kit of utilities designed to optimize your PC. It allows you to correct the frequent mistakes, improve the configuration of the equipment and is able of personalize some things that you cannot image.With a friendly interface, this complete tool of maintenance complies with its functions clearly classified in categories.
Mule Force Mule Force
This software allows you to find and retrieve in your equipment all files you want, any format (music, video, documents, programsÂ…) and every size.Try the most famous file recompilation program, and it is totally free.Compatibility notesThis software Works with NTFS file systems (used by Windows 2000, XP and 2003 operative systems). And Windows Vista.Works with FAT 12/16/32 (used by...
Nero Burning Rom Nero Burning Rom
NERONero is an excellent program whose function is to record CD and DVD, with images, sounds, videos and MP3 with no limits.It is one of the most complete ones of its kind, it is different from others because it ahs more utilities in the same packet.The best thing in the program is that you may touch the photographs such as: adjustments as regards sound reduction, cuts, etc.Another...
Deep Freeze Deep Freeze
Deep Freeze is a PC software whose function is to freeze your main system configuration of your operative system so as to repair it if any problem arises.This software saves the main configuration in your operative system, so if it suffers a major problem you may repair it in a simple way as you have a copy of the configuration that works perfectly well. This software is designed for Systems...
With DAEMON Tools you have possibility of creating up to four CD virtual units in the hard disk to emule physical protections which some of these CD-ROM and DVD-ROM have.These virtual units act as a DVD and CD player for each one, but it has a unique limitation you may use CD or DVD images as CUE, ISO, CCD, BWT, MDS and CDI, emuling protections such as, Safedisc, Laserlock or Securom.Most...
Nero General Clean Tool Nero General Clean Tool
Nero General Clean Tool is a powerful cleaning and eliminating tool from Nero.This program has been created to deactivate the programs that caused problems in Nero.It carries out a general and deep cleaning.
Microsoft .NET Framework Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsoft .NET Framework offers all needed components to run all those programs developed under NET Framework technologiesIt has DLL's, routines and other necessary elements to execute all those applications that do not work due to the fact that the main requirement is .NET Framework.Note: In order to install Microsoft .NET Framework you need to count with Service Pack 2 in your equipment.
Winstep Full Pack Winstep Full Pack
Winstep Full Pack is a practical and efficient package of applications which will allow you to set your computer desktop as well as the tool bars and the main menu adjusting them to the user’s demands. This pack of applications has all the necessary tools and functions for achieving a desktop together with tool bars and start menu that are fully efficient, thus improving the computers and the...
WinZip Self-Extractor WinZip Self-Extractor
If what you need is to create executable audio files, WinZip Self-Extractor has to be your choice. After being decompressed, a presentation message, icon and file can be defined to use.It is an ideal program to create simple installer programs. It supports Microsoft Authenthicode.
Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center Cumulative Update (x86) Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center Cumulative Update (x86)
Microsoft ha released the most recent, accumulative update for Windows Vista Media Center, which includes numerous improvement and solve many errors.This update is specially focused to PC’s whose OS are Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate.
RegCleaner RegCleaner
RegCleaner is a powerful application to eliminate all those register entries that do not belong to any program installed in our PC.RegCleaner is different form the other programs to clean the register because of its comfort and because it is easy to use, it simplifies the task by means of the current applications in the register, which may be erased by activating the boxes attached to the program’s...
ClockGen ClockGen
ClockGen allows you to control speed indicators not only of the processor but also of the memory and the bus AGP and PCI by means of the overclocking.You only need to modify the bars of the clocks visualized in the simple interface of the program and the velocity will change according to the adjustments.ClockGen is compatible with most of the mother boards, so you will most probably get good...
Nero ASPI Driver NT/2000/XP Nero ASPI Driver NT/2000/XP
Nero ASPI Driver NT/2000/XP is a powerful conductor programme for CD-RomThe best thing in the programme is that it is an excellent conductor to be used in Windows NT 2000 XP.You may copy from a file the Nero folder.
Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Studio is a piece of software for application development, created by Windows operative system.This application has support for many programming languages such as: Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual J#, ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET. The program has better quality, security and reliability than the previous versions. This piece of software allows developer create several kinds...
SuperCopier SuperCopier
SuperCopier is a OPC software to achieve a good advance when copying diverse files of the Windows operative system. With this software you may perfect the copying of files that are found in your operative system, so it offers some diverse and interesting functions. With SuperCopier you may pause and re-start the copy of the file, you may also transfer them and visualize in a precise way the...
fat32format fat32format
By means of this application we will be able to format in FAT32 32 GB hard disks or more, which was not possible using Windows means.Besides, with this function we will get that file systems from others OS installed in the same PC or recognize the FAT32 file system, so they may accept Windows files.fat32format is used through command consoles and we need to be careful to be successful, so...
EasyCleaner EasyCleaner
EasyCleaner is one of the best cleaning tools for PCs. All the functions are clearly expressed in the simple interface, you may erase Internet cookies, surfing history, temporals and recent files with just one click.Among other functions we find that it may eliminate duplicated files, clean the register, control the applications which are initiated along Windows and eliminate unnecessary file,...
Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer
Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer is a practical application to use all files made with the software Microsoft Windows Journal. This piece of software offers the possibility of visualizing all those files that have been elaborated with Microsoft Windows Journal with no need to have it installed in your PC.A practical application to take advantage of all the content created by this mentioned...
Roxio Easy Media Creator Roxio Easy Media Creator
Show your creativity with Roxio Easy Media Creator, as it is a great program to create and/or modify multimedia files.Its structure incorporates a menu with options directly related to the sound, video, photo, backup and mobile telephones. Easy, practical and fun, it is a tool that offers a multimedia library in your PC. You can do an incredible amount of projects, we may mention: record...
Winzip Winzip
WinZip is one of the best applications created for the administration of compressed files, speaking of the ZIP format, although it may also support other formats but only if other elements that are not the tool itself are incorporated. WinZip, is the compressor by excellence and it includes a complete panel of necessary functions for a perfect management of ZIP files, besides in its trial version...
CCleaner CCleaner
CCleaner is a maintenance and cleaning program for your PC, it helps the PC to work master as it increases the free room in your disk.The program eliminates recently used files, it empties the PC basin, cleans the cache memory, etc. When the program finds all the elements it may erase, it will ask you if it can do it and you will have to select the ones you will and will not eliminate. It...
7-Zip File Manager 7-Zip File Manager
7-Zip File Manager is an application especially created for compressed file administration, which counts with a powerful compression motor.This application counts with an intuitive control panel that includes all basic functions to carry out a perfect administration of compressed files.7-Zip File Manager uses its personal format “7z” compression, which comprises a file in a more intense...
NeroNET is an extension of the famous recording program Nero Burning Rom, to connect through the net to the CDRW units.This piece of software allows you to add to your Nero Burning the possibility of connecting to the different CDRW units found in your net.In this way you will use those CDRW units.
Diskeeper Lite Diskeeper Lite
This tool allow users to avoid files fragmentation in hard disks in your PC, it analyses them and checks them in just a few minutes.The defragmentation is a task related to the PC maintenance so you have to pay special importance to it. Especially if a simple and efficient application such as Diskeeper Pro is there for us, ready to improve our PC´s performance.An important characteristic...
Nero CD-DVD Speed Nero CD-DVD Speed
Nero CD-DVD Speed is an application to check the velocity the unit has DVD or CD unit, it makes different and diverse trials.This software examines and detects the reading velocity in your CD and DVD unit, as well as the response time it has.It also offers useful data such as the PC performance when it has to carry out the reading process.
Ashampoo Burning Studio Ashampoo Burning Studio
Ashampoo Burning Studio 6.02 is a powerful recording system with which we can record on CD or DVD any type of data, music and video, in a simple and efficient way.This software allows us to make security copies of our data and protect them with a security password so that they cannot be accessed without it. Among its capacities, we find the possibility of recording files and folders in CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray...

Novi Programi

 openSUSE 11 nova verzija download 20.6.2008


OpenSUSE proizvođaci izdali novu verziju za download, verzija 11 dolazi na DVD-u sa cetri razlicita desktopa i ogroman broj freeware software. openSUSE 11 instalacija je dosta brža kod ove nove verzije..

InteresTV 1.0 download 19.6.2008


Ovaj InteresTV tool vam omogucava pristup raznim onoine tv i radio stanicama. Lista svih online tv stanica vidi se u integrisanom playeru. U prvoj listi su poradani tv programi abecedno prema zemljama tv online programa..

k-meleon 1.1.5 nova verzija 19.6.2008

k-meleon objavljena nova verzija, verzija 1.1.5. K-Maleon je odlican web preglednik, izrazito brz, zauzima sasvim malo memorije, bazira na Gecko Layout-Engine. K-maleon browser se lahko može prilagoditi izgledu vašeg operativnog sistema..

Trillian Basic Messenger nova verzija 18.6.2008


Trillian je ultimativni Instant Messenger, podržava se aktulne messengere. Trillian ne posjeduje nikakve dosadne reklame ili spyware, što neznaci da to nemaju mnogi messengeri koji se masovno koriste za komuniciranje preko ineterneta.

Wine 1.0 - Pokretanje windows programa pod linuxom 18.6.2008

Nakon 15 godina proizvodnje i raznih testni verzija konacno je objavljen Wine 1.0. Sa wine je moguce pokretanje programa koji su pravljeni za windows operativni sistem pokrenuti i pod linuxom.

Mozilla Firefox 3 download 18.6.2008

firefox 3

Konacno Mozilla Firefox 3 final dostupan za download. Ucestvujte u obaranju rekorda skinite Mozilla Firefox 3. Download-Day je poceo, firefox je kompaktan

LS221H tanki Asus-Display 17.6.2008

Prema podacima firme asus, model LS221H je najtanji 22 inca monitor koji je asus sad izdao na tržište. Display nudi rezoluciju od 1.680 x 1.050 pixela.

SpywareBlaster 4.1 - program za zaštitu 16.6.2008

SpywareBlaster sprijecava da se na vašem systemu instaliraju Spyware-programi (Adware, Hijacker, Dialer). Sad je objavljena nova verzija SpywareBlaster 4.1.


Playstation 2 Emulator 1.00.48

Ovaj puta igramo žešće! Testirali smo Playstation 2  emulator, koji će Vam omogućiti učitavanje i igranje Playstation 2 naslova popularnih igara, upravo kao da se pokreću na pravi Playstation 2 konzoli. Software ima integrirane razne funkcije te će Vam bez ikakvog problema omogućiti igranje bilo kojeg naslova posebno rađenog za Playstation 2 ! Autori tvrde da je ova inačica 600% brža nego prijašnje! 

Dakle ukoliko ste strastveni igrač, a pojedine naslove koji su posebno rađeni za Playstation 2 konzolu želite iskušati na Vašem omiljenom PC-u, tada ovo definitivno trebate preuzeti, instalirati i jednostavno koristiti.

Testirali smo igranje na PC-u sa originalnom Playstation 2 dvd igrom, i igra je radila bezprijekorno, baš kao da smo ju upogonili na Playstation 2 konzoli ! Ludoo! Ukoliko ste naišli na bolji Playstation 2 emulator podijelite ga s nama u vidu komentara, a i za takve teme otvoren je i naš forum. 

 Free Download Playstation 2 Emulator 1.00.48


Vista Start Menu

Ovo je program koji vaš uobičajeni Windows Xp Start prebacuje u Windows Vista Start. Ko želi da ima višefunkcijski Start može ga naći ovdje. Probajte!!



Lime Ware

Lime Ware je program za skidanje muzike, video klipova, dokumenata, slika...  Na blog sam vam stavio download. Ko ga nema neka ga isproba. Program je extra.

download the file here


Silovito po mp3-cama

Ako svakodnevno koristite računalo više sati, vjerojatno na njemu imate ponešto i mp3 datoteka.Ovaj izvrstan program omogućit će vam da bolje organizirate svoju mp3 kolekciju.

Click to download TagScanner setup (exe) (1.62 MB)
Click to download TagScanner portable (zip) (1.76 MB)


Tune Up Utilities 2007

TuneUp Utilities je skup alata različite namjene koji vam pomažu kod optimizacija, čišćenja i održavanja cjelokupnih Windowsa zdravim i u top-formi.

click here to start download 


Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007

Ko koristi puno komjuter ja kao stručnjak za to bi mu preporučio ovaj program. Idealan je i neće vas iznevjeriti. To je program koji sa vašeg kompjutera briše razne špijune i maliciozne napasnike.


Evo vam link za download:

External Mirror 1




Pomalo zaštite

Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 MP1 (build
Vrsta: Anti-Virus (All In One)

Cocktail Glasses
:: Opis
KIS7 je ubjedljivo najbolji anti-virusni (sve u jednom) program, sa
sjajnom zaštitom vašeg PC od raznih zloćudnih programa, što je
najvažnije veoma je brz, ne usporava PC i efektan je.
:: Download
- English (32,97 MB)  ->  [Download]

:: Način korištenja
Kada instalirate KIS7 trebaćete da uradite 3 stvari da bi imali
Full program i da normalno radi, a to su:
1.) Patch
2.) Licence Key
3.) Database Update (Manually - Ručni)                   


CCleaner 2.08.588
Vrsta: Cleaning

Cocktail Glasses
:: Opis
Ovaj program čisti svo nepotrebno smeće sa vašeg PC za koje
niste ni znali da postoji, također ima opciju uređivanja Registrya.
Sigurno imate preko 500 MB nepotrebnog smeća i preko 1000
pobrkanih Registrya koje će ovaj program sve riješiti i vaš sistem
će biti puno brži a i sadrži naš jezik.
:: Download
-  (2,78 MB)  ->  [Download]


Defraggler 1.01.073 BETA
Vrsta: Optimization

Cocktail Glasses
:: Opis
Najbrži program za defragmentaciju Hard Diska, Windowsi isto
imaju ovakav program ali je mnogo sporiji, zato koristite ovaj program
nakon čega će vaš sistem biti mnogo brži.
:: Download
-  (481 KB)  ->  [Download]